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Review Policy/Contact Info

I am open to receiving Advance Reading Copies and Review Copies of books from both authors and publishers. Because of the nature of the blog (and my own preferences) I will read and review a book of any genre (Fantasy, Romance, Teen, Science Fiction, Mystery, etc.) as long as it contains a hint (smidgen, dash) of romance. I understand that what constitutes a “hint” can be subjective, so I’ll leave that up to the, er, beholder. The only exceptions to the genre rule are as follows:

  • Christian/Spiritual books
  • Erotica

I am now able to accept ebooks! Please contact me at for either my home address or my kindle one. You can also send me a message via the form below.

Reviews specifically requested by authors and publishers will contain:

  • A picture of the book cover.
  • A link for the readers to follow in order to purchase the book.
  • A link to the author’s website.
  • A description of the book provided by the publisher’s or author’s website.
  • A list of previously published titles by the author.
  • If applicable, a list of the books related to the book being reviewed (either in the series, or companion novels)
  • If requested, a picture of the author.
  • A concise and thoughtful review of the book, according to my own opinion and without the influence of either the author or the publisher.

Any review that is published here on Ruby’s Reads may be posted on Amazon, LibraryThing or Goodreads, unless I am specifically requested not to.


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