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Furnishing Your Library: Demon from the Dark

October 12, 2010

Not precisely apropos, but I was scratching my brain–and the Internet for an appropriate title for this particular aspect of my blog and this was the only quote that really caught me. I love the imagery.

Knowing I lov’d my books, he furnish’d me
From mine own library with volumes that
I prize above my dukedom

from the Tempest (Act 1, Scene 2)by William Shakespeare

Anyway, starting with a quote is perfect for this particular contest, as quotes are what it’s all about. Also, I’ve decided to furnish you with books from mine own library. In this case, you’ve an opportunity to win a copy of the latest book in the Immortals After Dark Series: Demon from the Dark.


So let’s get started. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Nix moments from A Hunger Like No Other. Here they are:


Regin said, “He’d had no idea [Emma] was a Valkyrie. She must be trying to protect us. Boneheaded little leech.”

Lucia murmured, “Can you imagine how utterly terrified she must be?”

Nix sighed. “The Saints aren’t going to make it to the playoffs.”


“We were attacked!” Nix said delightedly. “Ivo the Cruel’s vampires ambushed the manor and attacked us—not me, actually, because no one woke me for this, understand, and I’m quite put out. And they weren’t all vampires, exactly. One was a demon vampire. I want to call it a dempire from now on, but just to be contrary, Regin insists on naming it a vemon. Oh, and then Lucia’s arrow missed the dempire and I heard she dropped like a rock, screaming, which burst every light in the house. But in the dark this Lykae came to the rescue, prowling inside. Lucia’s screams seemed to really put him out. Hmm…So he stalked in and he and Regin united and fought side by side to slay the vampires. Except Ivo and his dempire escaped. Anyhoo. Vampires, Valkyrie and  Lykae, oh my. Or, as Regin calls it, the ‘f@*$ing monster mash.’ Hilarity ensued.”


“So, I’m, uh, like a queen now.”

“All hail Queen Emma!” Nix cheered. “Is your coronation the reason you couldn’t call for five days?”

“Or perhaps it was being hung up on repeatedly the last time I tried?” Emma didn’t mention that two days ago she had called and found Nix wasn’t lucid. “Besides, I’m serious,” Emma said, shaking her nail polish bottle. The color was I’m Not Really a Waitress red.

“So am I. And who are your people? Hopefully not all the other vampire Valkyries, or you’ll have no one to tax.”


“And you must be the soothsayer—”

“I prefer predeterminationally abled, thank you.” Her hand shot out, ripping a button from his shirt, so fast it was a blur. She’d taken the one closest to his heart, and for a moment her face turned very cold. She’d made a point—she could have gone for his heart.

Then she opened her hand and gasped in surprise. “A button!” She smiled delightedly. “You can never have enough of these!”


Emma marched down the stairs to point a finger in Regin’s face. “So, Lachlain plans to forbid me from seeing you, and Annika plans to kill the man I’m sleeping with without even asking me if this is a good idea?” These people were treating her like the old Emma, with everyone jockeying for the right to control her. And that simply did not apply any longer. “I wonder what I plan.”

“Tell us!” Nix cried breathlessly.


He clenched Nix’s shoulders. “Why did you hesitate? I saw you hesitate!” he shook her until her head lolled, while she grinned and said, “Wheeee!”


“I’ve come for Emma,” Lachlain bellowed, standing in the shadow of Emma’s home, Val Hall, which looked to be the face of hell.

Though the fog was cloying, lightning fired all around, sometimes corralled by the many copper rods planted all along the roof and the grounds, sometimes by the scorched oaks crowding the yard. Annika stepped out onto the porch, looking otherworldly in her rage, her eyes glittering green, then silver, and back. Wraiths flew about her hair, cackling.

At that moment, he couldn’t decide whether this bayou shrine to insanity or Helvita was worse. Nix waved happily from a window.

Your job–should you choose to enter the contest–is to post a comment here with your own favorite Nix moment. I won’t insist on the page number, but please tell us which book you’re drawing from. Otherwise, the rules are simple:

  1. Your entry must not be one of the Nix moments from above.
  2. There is only one entry per person.
  3. The contest is open to US residents only.
  4. The contest will end at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, on Friday, October 15, 2010.

The winner will be chosen randomly and be announced on the following Saturday. This should be fun. I can’t wait to hear what crazy things Nix has been up to. So, are you ready?


5 Comments leave one →
  1. October 13, 2010 1:28 am

    This is actually a little depressing – I have been hoping to read “A Hunger Like No Other”, but I have yet to get my hands on a copy. I have placed a hold on it at my library, but I have to wait until the 30th and hope the previous reader turns it in on time…

    • October 13, 2010 7:53 am

      The first time I read A Hunger Like No Other, I got it from the library–but I loved it so much I ended up buying my own copy. I knew I’d be rereading it. Libraries are both a wonderful and a terrible thing. On the one hand, the books are free and you can often find out of print titles. On the other, the waiting sucks! If you want this copy of Demon from the Dark maybe you could flip through a copy of one of the books in the series and find a great Nix moment. They abound. I won’t tell anyone you cheated. 😉

  2. willaful permalink
    October 13, 2010 10:56 pm

    From Pleasure of a Dark Prince:

    More static sounds. “Can’t hear… call back… good luck… ”

    “Nix, I know you’re faking the static.” She could picture her sister blowing into her fist directly into the receiver. The static abruptly stopped. “Why?”

    “It seemed less rude than the alternative.”

    “What’s that?”


  3. October 14, 2010 1:28 pm

    From “Dark Needs at night’s Edge”

    Nix smiled at that very moment; Cade swore.
    “Ever knowing, Cade,” she said softly.
    Cade hiked his shoulders, pretending nochalance.
    “Tell me about the vampire, or not dove. But none of us really wants too be here.”
    “I’ll tell you,” Nixsaid, her gaze rapt on his horns. “But only if you let me lick your rock-hard horns–”
    “Nix!” Regin’s attention snapped back this the conversation.
    Eyes wide, Nix cries, “Who said that?? I didn’t say that! Oh, very well–…”

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