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September 6, 2010

Browsing in bookstores is basically my favorite way to spend time. Sometimes I even enjoy it more than the reading itself. There’s something exhilarating about finding new books that you want to read. It’s kind of like the way you feel standing in line for a roller coaster–the anticipation is almost more overwhelming than the ride itself. This is not, of course, always true. Some books outlive your expectations. Those books are the ones that take up the prime spots in your collection. They are the well-thumbed, creased, falling apart favorites that you end up loving to death in the manner of the Velveteen Rabbit. Or, maybe you’re reading this and thinking…um, so is she crazy or what? The truth is, while I know other people who like to read, they don’t have a passion for it. They don’t carry books in their purses or lose sleep because they can’t put one down. They can easily walk past bookstores without slowing down. And most of all, they have spaces in their houses that are not taken over by stacks of books. Is it an obsession? An addiction? Who knows. I’m probably the last person who can answer that question objectively.

Anyway, my main objective for this site is to share my interest in books and to help those who are looking for their next read. Because I am such a voracious reader, I am constantly on the lookout for recommendations. They are always welcome, so feel free to throw your two cents in. Or whatever the appropriate analogy may be.

So, er, welcome. Hi!

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